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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Book

This here is my book! hehe.. not a story book.. but my external hard disk.. yeap.. a 640gb one.. hehe.. quite huge capacity.. but i doubt that will be enough for me.. =p.. anyways.. here are the pics of my new external drive.. =p

Hehe.. got light blink blink when data is transmitting.. =p.. 
cute cute.. =D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar. They seriously have nice music. There's no doubt bout that. I downloaded all 10 volumes of their music, and i have to say, damn! Their music is so refreshing and nice. It's like new age + electornica + experimental. Very good songs in there, which can simply just make you wonder and think about the complexity of life. i highly recommend everyone to get some of the Buddha Bar music if possible. =)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye ICOM

This is my last day at ICOM. Registration day. I was so looking forward to starting the sem on monday... but it seems that i won't.. and will never be returning to ICOM.. The fees are he main reason.. when i first entered.. everything was like a fairytale.. reasonable prices.. this year, the fees are doubled.. =(... ICOM is good.. the lecturers are good and friendly.. and so are the students.. but not the management.. the management is the worst.. even a kindergarten management is far better.. sighs.. i am terribly disappointed by ICOM... 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bugged by Boredom

AHHHHHHHHH! I'm so bored i can go mad!!! Just finished my practising.. it looks like everything that can go wrong this friday might happen... B O R I N G =(


Digi barred my outgoing calls. I'm marooned in KL, all alone. Here i sit, at the lobby in my college. Empty college. Classes commence on monday. I can't wait for the classes to start. Till then, let me bask in my loneliness.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mom's Graduation

My mom graduated a few months ago i think... last year.. haha... we were so proud of her.. he was doing this secretarial course at Open University Malaysia.. Anyways.. the reason i'm posting this is because i got the photos pretty late from the photography company, and i miss my family in johor.. =(... anyways.. here are the pics.. =)

This is my mom.. hehehe... so proud of her.. graduating at the age of 45.. =)

This is my mom and dad.. =)

And this is my family! hehe...

Hehe... that's my mom's graduation photos.. i miss them back in johor... :')

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sony Ex Monitor

Phew.... i got myself a really good pair of earphones.. a good way to start of the new year! haha.. =p.. anyways.. i just got mysef the Sony Ex Monitor series earphone.. mine is the MDR-EX500Sl model... it looks so cool and sophisticated.. and my oh my... the sound quality on this thing is very good! certainly worth the hefty price tag it carried.. =p... Listening to songs on my iPod with this pair of earphones will certainly be more fun now.. hehehe... ;)... here are some pics of the pair of earphones i got.. =D

This here is the box.. pretty big for a pair of earphones eh.. hehe...

After opening the package, i found this! a leather casing for the earphones... real leather o... haha... =p

a closer look at the leather casing.. hehe... pretty cool for a pair of earphones..

Last but not least, the earphones themselves... this is the gem right here.. hehe... i have to put it in this casing, so i can fit it into the leather casing.. =D.. the earphones look pretty coool eh.. wait till you hear the sound quality on this thing... =D