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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Arrived JB at around 0350 Hrs... Tired.. Now at home.. taking a break from practising.. 
Nothing much to write... back to practising then..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monterez Golf & Country Club Gig

Had a gig at Monterez golf and country club.. me and my friend, siang, were sessionists for the upcoming local vocal group, Hayad.. Performing there gave me some experience and exposure.. it was good.. everything went smoothly.. hehe.. we reheaarsed alot for this performance.. and our efforts paid off.. hehe... here are some pics and a video of our performance...

Upon our arrival, we went into the club to look at the setting, the stage, and the instruments.. this is the stage.. hehe.. complete with a drumset, bass guitar, electric guitar, 3 keyboards and a few mike stands..

This is Suhaimi and Siang.. Suhaimi was the one who recorded our performance and took the other photos...

This is Dayah, the manager for Hayad.. who is also a very talented and good vocalist.. she helped alot on our rehearsals and getting spots for our gigs...

This is Rafiq, one of the vocalists for Hayad...

Here is Cik... the other vocalist for Hayad...

This is Siang, the guitarist...

This is me.. hehe.. on the keyboard...

This is us getting ready for the gig... the nerves... it was on everyone.. but e managed to pull thru and play smoothly...

This is us after nailing the gig... everyone had a good time... haha... im not in the pic as i was photographing it.. lol...

And this here, i s a recording of one of the songs i played.. it's Terima Kasih Cinta... Hope you enjoy it... =)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tatoo Duo 2

Hehe.. nope, i didn't get a tatoo... but what i did do is, i got myself a new set of mini soundsystem... and they're sonic gear's tatoo duo 2.. sound is pretty clear on the satelites, and the bass is simply deep, strong, and cool... as an audiophile, i wouldn't mind spending a little extra on good sound system.. haha.. =p 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Contemporary Piano Chronicles

Hi everyone, just wanna inform that i've opened a new blog under this account, which is
Contemporary Piano Chronicles.. It's about contemporary music.. it will have information on how to play contemporary.. do visit it.. i hope it helps everyone who's tryin to understand contemporary music.. Piano.. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Standing Zebra

I guess it's normal to see human beings standing, dogs standing, and even cats standing.. but what about a zebra? haha...
Literally. The zebra in the pic below is standing.. 
Taken from National Geography..

"Bow before me!!" 

Which is worse?

Haha... which will be worse.. smoking ciggarates or 
batteries?? hahahaha....

My Mac.Book.Pro

I got my MacBookPro somewhere around September.. and my oh my.. it's a great laptop.. it comes with boot camp, which allows me to partition my hard drive so i can use both windows and the mac osx on the macbook pro.. which is cool.. haha.. the reason why i partitioned it is so i can play my games! haha.. the specs on this baby is very good... with 2gb ddr 2 ram, intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz, and nvdia 8600 gt with 512 ddr3 vram.. it can play intense games well!! haha.. damn i love the macbook... =D

Fallout 3

Fall in love with this game everyone!! haha.. the moment i started playing this, i knew this is gonna be a classic.. from the makers of Elder Scrolls IV at Bethesda, they've done it again with another very very nice and cool RPG Game.. this is Fallout 3.. hehe... my MacBookPro can support this game at its maximum settings... which is nice to enjoy.. very nice... the gameplay is unique, and a bit similar to elder scrolls.. Fallout 3 and FarCry 2 will occupy lots of your time.. haha... so take your time and enjoy them, as i will.. =D

FarCry 2

Yahoo!! Today bought two new games.. This is the first one i installed on my MacBookPro... well.. couldn't really play it in full settings.. pretty demanding.. haha.. anyways.. after playing it for a few hours, i must say, its not really full of adrenaline as Unreal Tournament 3.. but take nothing away from FarCry 2.. its a good game.. one of the best of 2008.. hehe... it's abit similar to crysis, but not as demanding as crysis was.. the gameplay is set in africa.. and the game does brilliantly in capturing the environment and atmosphere of africa.. well done!! 

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This isn't about that lame LOST drama.. but its about something more serious in context.. something more dire.. my phone!! i lost my phone.. sighs.. sad.. that phone meant something to me.. had been wih me for many years already.. careless me.. should've had some sleep.. but i didn't.. hence, i'm not alert as i can be.. miss you, my W800.. we have been thru alot.. wherever you are, i hope you are better off in a dumpster than any bastard's hands that found you.. haha.. sad la.. kanasai.. =(

Friday, November 14, 2008

Zero Sugar

Hehe.. my motto towards what i eat.. have to keep it balanced, simple, and safe.. Zero Sugar.. =D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gig at LEPAQ

It's my first contemporary music gig!! hehe.. and it's coming up tomorrow, on friday.. excited.. hehe... playing with a band.. classical gigs are scary.. all alone on the stage.. at least now i have some frens with me on stage.. we'll be playing at LEPAQ.. some bar in damansara.. so excited.. haha.. i hope everything goes on well and smooth for everyone.. ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Renegade again!

Hahahaha.. the new scorpion went missing in the apartment!! that's the second scorpion which went missing in our apartment.. now we have two renegade scorpions... i can only hope they're of the same sex or else we're gonna start seeing little scorpion offsprings here and there.. one scorpion free around is ok.. but two, is freaking me out.. haha... i slept with a can of aerosol spray just beside me.. haha.. safety first.. =p..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recording Session

Had to wake up early this morning.. had recording session with a friend of mine.. it was for his final project.. hehe.. and i get to play the grand piano in the recital hall.. we got the whole recital hall to ourselves.. the recording was fun... it was a song by Tupac ft. Dido.. upbeat and strong.. i had to play out the chorus, both melody and chords.. luckily i had time to rehearse and practise by listening to the original song and playing out the same thing.. after recording, i took some photos of ICOM's Recital Hall.. its not so big.. but it has almost every equipment concerned with audio production.. haha... here are them pics...

The grand piano.. a yamaha grand.. personally, i don't like playing on Yamah grands.. The touch and sound is abit too bright for my liking...

Mikes are put in place for recording.. high quality recording o.. haha.. grand pianos are good for recording, unlike the upright ones as they reverb alot...

This is here is my point of view from playing on the grand piano.. can see part of the the crowd if someone were to perform...

This here is the hardware and software used to record.. the small box thingy beside the laptop is like a mixer.. the software in the laptop keeps the file of the recording.. my piano recording is in it!!

This here.. haha.. i dunno what it is.. it looks very complicated.. i've seen students handling this during friday performances.. maybe its for adjusting the volume levels of the instruments.. i think.. haha...

That equipment on the chair.. is actually a device used to control the lighting effects.. hehe.. they use this often on friday performances.. to create nice effects that sync together with the songs being performed.. 

This here is like a small room in the corner of the recital hall... alot of recording and audio production stuff are stored here...

Haha... that's generally ICOM's recital hall.. friday performances and showcases and workshops are held here.. my friday performance will be coming soon.. next sem.. scary.. haha.. till then, enjoy the pics! =)


Well.. my housemate and I like exotic pets.. so he, Siang, got a pet scorpion few weeks back.. it was great.. he kept it in a plastic container, covered it with a box.. then next morning, our friend, the scorpion went missing in our apartment.. haha.. it went renegade.. AWOL... I hope that missing scorpion can take care of minor insect problems.. Then yesterday.. Siang came back from jb, bringing back another scorpion! haha.. it's slightly smaller than the renegade one.. here are a couple of pics of the new scorpion.. =p

Cute ain't it?? Haha... It's pretty.. =p

See.. trying to escape.. haha... trying to find that renegade scorpion i think.. =p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mad Jazz!!

I doubt that alot of you will know of Hiromi Uehara.. She's a very good pianist.. Jazz pianist who graduated from Berklee.. here is one of her songs.. called Tom and Jerry... after listening to the mp3, i think you all will agree with the title of the post... :D

Impromptu Composition

Wait!! this isn't the classical sort of impromptu.. haha.. what i meant by impromptu composition is somethin i composed on the spot and recorded and straight away uploaded here.. haha.. this is the only good thing of having insomnia i guess.. alot of ideas in the head for music.. =p.. anyways.. here is my 1 minute impromptu composition.. in c minor.. haha.. =p.. enjoy and comment.. 

KL life

Here are some pics from my apartment balcony and college.. =p.. 

Directly opposite, is the heritage apartments.. at first, i was suppose to stay there.. but then, i didn't want to coz it didn't look safe to me.. haha.. so i moved to other apartment... most of the icom students stay at the heritage apartments.. look, they even have a nice pool!

This here is taken inside my college... this is the 3rd floor.. this is where most of the students will be at if they don't have class.. they have about 40 practice rooms here.. majority of them have pianos.. some have drumsets.. this is also where the private instructions class are being held at, as well as the ICOM weekend school..

This is here is the 2nd floor.. probably the busiest floor in ICOM.. this is where most of the classes are held at... they have 2 ensemble rooms here and 3 classrooms.. this is the notice board, where notices about concerts and competitions will be posted.. 

Haha... funky window designs eh.. this here is the biggest classroom in icom i think.. this is where i have my Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies class.. and its quite cold in here..

Haha... so those are some of the pics of my coll.. haha... more to come soon.. hopefully.. :P

C Minor, C# Minor, D# Minor

Oh my.. haha.. c minor, c# minor, and the epic d# minor.. these three are my favorite keys!! they are so nice to be composed with.. i like to compose in c minor, and i like playing pieces that are either in c# minor and d# minor.. they're dark.. there's something hidden beneath their dark quality.. a melancholy of deep sorrow and bitterness.. i just finished composing something in c minor.. hehe.. its dark.. cant wait to finalize it and post in on me blog.. ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sleepless night in the hotel lobby

i'm supposed to be asleep now.. but i'm not.. sleep is hard to get these days for me.. maybe that's because there is no piano here with me to play with and practice.. i'm used to playing the piano before i rest.. sighs.. none here in legend hotel.. hence, i type this blog.. been awhile since my last post.. hehe... i've been a busy man.. it's nice to be able to blog again after some time.. cheers...