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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mom's Graduation

My mom graduated a few months ago i think... last year.. haha... we were so proud of her.. he was doing this secretarial course at Open University Malaysia.. Anyways.. the reason i'm posting this is because i got the photos pretty late from the photography company, and i miss my family in johor.. =(... anyways.. here are the pics.. =)

This is my mom.. hehehe... so proud of her.. graduating at the age of 45.. =)

This is my mom and dad.. =)

And this is my family! hehe...

Hehe... that's my mom's graduation photos.. i miss them back in johor... :')


rådicål 'dreámer said...

congrats macha! hoping to see you soon. hahha

pianist88 said...

haha... thanks man! =D
hope to see you soon too! and jam!