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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bass clef, The Bastard clef.

Hi everyone... been awhile since i last posted anything.. today started my first piano major class.. i was looking forward to it.. up till the moment where my instructor told me that i had to play jazz by reading from written music.. which means, treble and bass clef together.. Hello?? i thought that the bass is up to the player's improvisation and discretion.. where is the freedom in playing jazz if i have to play from written score?? this sucks.. what a letdown.. really no mood to touch my piano.. been playing saxophone whole day... i dunno why i learnt and practiced my jazz voicings...  i really lost my temper after the class.. so sickening.. i left classical music for a reason.. and i want to learn jazz coz i like the freedom of expression in it, with the improvisations.. now that i'm here, it looks like they are trying to stuff me back into classical.. i ******* hate this... where got have to learn jazz the classical way? it's very very stupid... To the instructor, please don't do this to cater to the classical students who are just too stupid to figure out voicings for playing jazz.. i know what you're trying to do, you insolent ignorant pretender.. just stick to teaching classical if you like students playing from written score.. damn you.. damn you.... you are a disgrace to the contemporary arts... 

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