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Monday, November 10, 2008

KL life

Here are some pics from my apartment balcony and college.. =p.. 

Directly opposite, is the heritage apartments.. at first, i was suppose to stay there.. but then, i didn't want to coz it didn't look safe to me.. haha.. so i moved to other apartment... most of the icom students stay at the heritage apartments.. look, they even have a nice pool!

This here is taken inside my college... this is the 3rd floor.. this is where most of the students will be at if they don't have class.. they have about 40 practice rooms here.. majority of them have pianos.. some have drumsets.. this is also where the private instructions class are being held at, as well as the ICOM weekend school..

This is here is the 2nd floor.. probably the busiest floor in ICOM.. this is where most of the classes are held at... they have 2 ensemble rooms here and 3 classrooms.. this is the notice board, where notices about concerts and competitions will be posted.. 

Haha... funky window designs eh.. this here is the biggest classroom in icom i think.. this is where i have my Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies class.. and its quite cold in here..

Haha... so those are some of the pics of my coll.. haha... more to come soon.. hopefully.. :P

1 comment:

YJ said...

Nice design.. Hehe..
in my imagination, i thought all there wun be fluorescent light.. :P but seems not here.. haha..

show some what's inside your private class room.. toilet.. haha.. :P