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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well.. my housemate and I like exotic pets.. so he, Siang, got a pet scorpion few weeks back.. it was great.. he kept it in a plastic container, covered it with a box.. then next morning, our friend, the scorpion went missing in our apartment.. haha.. it went renegade.. AWOL... I hope that missing scorpion can take care of minor insect problems.. Then yesterday.. Siang came back from jb, bringing back another scorpion! haha.. it's slightly smaller than the renegade one.. here are a couple of pics of the new scorpion.. =p

Cute ain't it?? Haha... It's pretty.. =p

See.. trying to escape.. haha... trying to find that renegade scorpion i think.. =p

1 comment:

YJ said...


but it's shinny.. :)

what you all feed him ar?