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Friday, September 5, 2008

5 Songs

Well, after today's class, a lot of thoughts linger in my head.. which keeps me awake till now.. it has been finalized that we'll be playing a total of 5 songs... they are Autumn Leaves, Ain't No Sunshine, Route 66, Blaze of Glory, and Terima Kasih Cinta... each of us will be assessed on two songs... me, it'll be the autumn leaves and terima kasih cinta.... it looks like i have to improve on my chord rhythms for autumn leaves and chord voicing for my terima kasih cinta... besides that, i dont expect any trouble... hehe... we'll be assessed on our final performance... it'll be held at the recital hall... nervous... just thinking about it already made my palms sweat! god... gotta control... focus....

1 comment:

YJ said...

Focus focus! You can do it! =)
Jia you jia you!