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Monday, September 22, 2008

Damn you Lucas Arts!!!

Well.. been awhile since i last posted anything here.. almost a week.. been a busy week for me... And i'm up early and i have nothing to do.. so i post this... =D.. 

Lucas Arts.. The company that made the Star Wars game.. all their games have been nice... especially Knights of The Old Republic I and II... now.. the have released a new game... which is almost as good as KoTOR I and II i think... Star Wars : The Force Unleashed.. why am i condemning Lucas Arts? They won't be releasing the game on the PC!! WTF!!!!...... that is so wrong!!! PC is like far better than any consoles out there... i remember one of the reasons they gave for not releasing it was that the PC won't be able to handle the physics and graphics... My ass... hey console makers, your consoles are too weak to even run crysis.. so screw you Lucas Arts!

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Toxin General said...

OMG!!!! REALLY??? KOTOR I AND II has been some AWESOME SHYT!! T.T yeah screw em... =( damn.