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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Assignments & Assessments

Here i sit in the practice room in ICOM... today just handed up the theory assignment... 2nd assignment, which is about the major and minor scales, composing rhythms, and knowing those common italian terms... I'm glad that i finished that one... coz tomorrow is more harder! =(...  tomorrow got sight reading test and we have to play 2 songs with the band.. i'll be assessed based on my performance of the 'Autumn Leaves' song... its my first time playing in a band.. so i dare say I'm quiet nervous... unlike those competitions i've been in thru classical piano... the both are very different... if i screw up tomorrow in my piece, I'll be letting the whole band down.. =(.. i must avoid that... Practice Practice!! ... must get thru it flawlessly... ironically, i should be thankful as the pieces are much easier and less demanding if compared to those classical pieces that i used to play... hehe... i just hope me and my friends will get thru both of them well... =)

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Lee said...

hehehe... playing in a band is diff from playing solo.. it's not you play yours, they play theirs.. but need to play together, and practise together.. careful your timing, dun simply add rubato whenever you want ar.. :P Hehe.. all the best snor snor.. :) jia you jia you!