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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I've just arrived home.. had assessment over my sight reading and piece with the band.. I initially thought that i was gonna screw things up pretty bad... but surprisingly, i actually did quite well.. my morning started off badly... walked to college in heavy rain... i was soaked! lucky my laptop didn't get wet... and on the way to college, i slipped and fell on my back... darn it... a bad start to an important day... when the time came for my assessment.. i remained calm and upbeat to go through it... maybe having such a bad start to the day was good.. haha... anyways... I'm happy with how i played today... i hope the results will be good too... =)


Lee said...

Pity snor... Next time when you walk in rain, please be more careful ler.. use your toes to grip every step you walk, not drag with your heels.. :)

Toxin General said...

o.o be careful! if u hurt ur spinal cord u cant play piano anymore >=D