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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My MacBook Pro

It's been a month since i received my laptop from college... It's a 15 inch MacBook Pro... it's quite a good laptop.. it's powered by Intel's 2.4 GHz core 2 duo... it has 2gb ddr2 ram (upgradable to 4gb).. a 256 ddr3 nVidia geforce 8600 gt.. and 200gb hard disk... it's pretty good for gaming.. i tried playing devil may cry 4 and mass effect on maximum settings and maximum resolutions (1440 by 900).. it didn't lag that much at all... nice, since i'm quite the extreme gamer.. =p.. anyways.. for those of you who are curious... here are some screenshots of my mac... =)

first and foremost, the desktop... see how different  and neater it is from the windows system.. 

in windows, you have to press start to access the menus.. in mac, its all arranged at the Dock.. very easy to get into an application...

this is very cool.. as you scroll over the applications in the dock, it magnifies it for you so you can have a better look at it... something that windows doesn't have.. =p

in mac, there ain't windows media player.. but they do have iTunes.. which to me, is like way better than WMP... hehe...

look at this.. it's a feature call dashboard... u can widgets on it.. to make it look cool... in this pic, i had the time, calculator, calender, iTunes, dictionary and google search widget... so cool...

After using windows for many years, i thought it was like the best operating system around.. but i was so wrong when i started using mac... it's so cool, user friendly, fast, and reliable... and more important, unlike windows xp, the mac system is less vulnerable towards viruses and malwares... actually, there's hardly any virus out there that could infect a mac.. from my experience so far, that is... hehe... to all windows users out there, make the change! go for a mac! haha... =)

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Lee said...

jealous jealous jealous.. :P

eh, change your blog;s time properly la, i give comment in the afternoon and it comes out midnight..

now the time is 14:02.. and i guess someone is in genting right now playing with monster.. :)