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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Transition

It's been a month now i've been studying in ICOM... well.. the experience so far has been fun.. fun because it is.. different... different from what i expected.. i've been playing piano since i was 3.. and since then i have been playing classical only.. but in ICOM.. its a different world.... here, they emphasize more on contemporary music.. hardly any classical.. the transition, from playing classical to playing more modern stuff, has been pretty exciting for me.. both genres are special in their own way.. I'm still new to the world of contemporary music.. and so far, the journey into it has been nice... =)... in my first month at ICOM, i've learnt how to play some simple basic contemporary pieces with a band.. pieces like Autumn Leaves, Ain't No Sunshine, and Route 66.. i find that playing piano in band is really fun... haha... there're loads of room for improvisation... I'm grateful that i've been classically trained.. as the skills and techniques are still the same... hehe.. lucky me... hehe... I've made some new friends in ICOM, with both fellow students and lecturers.. everyone's good and talented in their own special way... hehe... it's been fun and nice... and I'm looking forward to doing my best here... =)

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Lee said...

Hehe.. glad snor so far enjoyed it.. :)
This Thursday jia you yea... :)